ApplicationsDry Ink on IC's


An OEM of automated integrated circuit handling equipment incorporating ink drying equipment to dry ink from a strip pad printer on a conveyorized system used to print integrated circuit manufacturers' identification information on integrated circuits.

  • Limited Line Speed - The existing hot air oven incorporated into conveyorized machine limited line speeds.
  • Poor Quality - The hot air oven heated the entire integrated circuit, causing quality problems in some circuits.
  • Heat - A Model 5306 Infrared Strip Heater supplied the heat to dry the ink in the integrated circuits.
  • Power Control - A Model 664F Phase Angle SCR Power Controller controlled the power to the Infrared Strip Heater.
  • Increased Line Speeds - Using the Model 5306 Infrared Line Heater to dry the ink increased line speeds.
  • Improved Quality - The Infrared Line Heater could be adjusted to heat only the printed area, improving the quality of the printed integrated circuits.
  • Well-Utilized Space - The OEM was able to decrease the overall length of the conveyorized system by using the Infrared Line Heater.
  • Decreased System Cost - The OEM's overall manufacturing cost of the
  • conveyorized system decreased.