ApplicationsDry Paint on Steel


A manufacturer of building products drying a water-based paint applied to galvanized steel beams.

  • Slow Speed - Existing method of drying the paint off of the paint line with ambient air was very time consuming. The paint line speed was 130 feet (40 meters) per minute.
  • Wasted Space - The drying rack used to dry the beams wasted valuable floor space and was cumbersome to use.
  • Poor Quality - When the beams were manually transferred to the drying rack the wet paint was frequently rubbed off.
  • Heat - Three Model 4554-A-38-12 High Density Pyropanels were mounted end-to-end on the paint line, in the direction of product flow, to dry the water-based paint.
  • Power Control - A Model 664K Phase Angle SCR Power Controller controlled all three Pyropanels.
  • Increased Speed - Using the three Model 4554 High Density Pyropanels allowed the manufacturer to dry the paint with the beams still on the paint line running at speeds of 130 feet (40 meters) per minute. The manufacturer was also able to dry both sides of the beams by applying heat only to the top side.
  • Better-Utilized Space - 25 x 20 feet (8 x 6 meters) of valuable floor space was regained when the drying racks were removed.
  • Reduced Costs - Production costs were reduced when the wet beams no longer had to be manually transferred to the drying racks.
  • Improved Quality - Drying the beams on the paint line improved quality of the finished product because all of the paint remained on the beams.