ApplicationsReactivate Adhesive on Metal Part


A door manufacturer reactivating dried solvent-based adhesive on assembled metal doors prior to final lamination.

  • Solvent-Based Adhesive - The solvent-based adhesive must be reactivated after drying on .025 inch (.6 mm) thick, 42 inch (1067 mm) wide cold rolled steel doors.
  • Line Speed - Line speed of 35 feet (11 meters) per minute required.
  • Heat - Two Model 4765-16-48 High Density Pyropanel Arrays were used to heat the metal doors from both sides and reactivate the dried solvent-based adhesive prior to lamination.
  • Power Control - The High Density Pyropanel Arrays were controlled by a Phase Angle SCR Power Control System.
  • Speed - The solvent-based adhesive was reactivated and the required line speed was maintained using the Model 4765 High Density Pyropanel Array.
  • Quality - The Pyropanel Array provided uniform heating of the solvent-based adhesive for a consistently high-quality laminate.
  • System Integration - The SCR Power Control System automatically regulated the Pyropanel Array according to process conditions, keeping energy consumption to the minimum required.