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Precision Control Systems, Inc./Research Inc.(PCS/RI) markets, engineers, assembles and wires control systems for the power control market (typically vacuum furnaces, industrial ovens and chambers, DC power supply applications, autoclaves and heat treat furnaces), and the glass market (Fiberglass bushing, electric meters, Tin Bath power/transformers). In addition, we design and build SCR power control systems that are paired with our IR heaters and ovens. Components and products used in the systems are purchased from known suppliers and PC based software will be supplied where the process requires integration for operation and quality assurance purposes. Our power control experience includes marketing and supplying systems in the US, Far East and Europe. If you have a heat or control related challenge, then contact us.

Many of our power control systems control T3 lamps, medium wave IR lamps, and convection systems. Additionally, our Power Control systems experience includes low kW systems to five megawatt systems, one zone applications to 100 plus zone systems, DC power applications, air cooled and water cooled systems with busbars, and systems including large transformers.

In partnering with Control Concepts, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of a very reliable, state of the art, and full featured power controller product line, PCS/RI has the capability to engineer, design the system and properly choose the correct type and size of SCR controller. System integrity is ensured with the proper safety functions such as circuit breakers, load fusing, ICT alarming and process interlocks. We offer a standard approach to packaging the power controllers into custom turnkey systems, meeting both the power and safety requirements of your process.

Other types of customized power control systems PCS/RI is capable of implementing are specialized packaging on projects where a power controller requires a different form and fit for an OEM application. PCS/RI will use standard components and CCI firing circuits, consulting with Control Concepts, Inc, to design, engineer and implement the special packaging. For customized packaging and special requests, for example a pluggable power controller or a power controller packaged with a PID controller, PCS/RI would welcome the opportunity to do the packaging, engineering, sales and support. This approach maximizes the customer's investment and productivity gains while minimizing future investments.

Complete support services are available, including system configuration and design, fabrication and assembly, test and checkout, on-site start-up assistance and commissioning, and operator training. With every system supplied, the appropriate system schematics, documentation and manuals are supplied for future support, changes and maintenance. As your process changes over the years, PCS is positioned to, and capable of, supplying support to modify the systems as required, updating the documentation to reflect any changes and provide the required on-going support for the system.

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