ProjectsBiosolid Drum Dryer


Custom designed IR-8 infrared dryer drum and control system for drying biosolids and similar materials. Drying is performed by 4 IR heaters with a 25" heated length and 12" heated width, rated at 480V and 42.55 KW for 170.2 total KW. The 60" diameter drum dryer is equipped with tumbler plates and sits in a frame of extruded aluminum that is hinged to a welded steel base frame for tilting the drum dryer to discharge the material. The dryer frame is capped with exhaust hoods and a blower fan and wrapped in a stainless steel skin. A chute is attached at the loading end and a hopper at the discharge end to make for easy loading and unloading of material. The drum is spun by a drive motor attached via a chain and sprocket drive mechanism.

The control system is a three phase, 480V, 300A system for heating and logic control mounted and wired in a NEMA 12 enclosure. The system sets the heat level, dryer rotation speed, exhaust blower speed, and controls and monitors all functions of the process. A 5.7" color touch screen is used for operator control, process setup, and process data monitoring.

Design Requirements: 
  • Heater mounted in drum
  • Loading chute for ease of material feeding
  • Motorized jack screw mechanism to tilt feeder end to assist in material discharge via a hopper
  • Exhaust collectors and stainless steel ductwork powered by a high capacity stainless steel blower
Design Features: 
  • Stainless steel safety skins
  • Stainless steel drum, 60" diameter x 78" long
  • Latching connectors on heater cables and junction box for ease of heater maintenance
Support Systems: 
  • 5.7" color touch screen for operator control
  • VFD's for controlling the drum rotation speed and the exhaust blower speed
  • NEMA 12 free standing enclosure