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ExtrudeIR 4069E

The ExtrudeIR 4069E model infrared heating system provides instantaneous infrared energy directly to extruded rubber or plastic products. The system generates short-wave infrared energy that readily penetrates into the extruded material, resulting in uniform heating and curing at a rate up to 10 times faster than other conventional heating sources. 

The ExtrudeIR 4069E system uses multiple high intensity T3 quartz halogen infrared lamps, backed by highly polished aluminum reflectors, to generate infrared heat energy and focus it toward the target material. The clamshell heater design is offered in heated lengths of 10, 16, 25 and 38 inches (254, 406, 635 and 965mm) with either 12 or 18 lamp reflectors depending on you product diameter and heating requirements. This type of system offers the benefits of rapid heat generation, precise control, and instant on/off capability. These systems have been used in numerous pre-extrusion and post-extrusion applications including preheating, drying, curing and annealing of extruded materials.

Features of the ExtrudeIR Heater: 

  • Pre/Post Extrusion to preheat, dry, cure and anneal
  • Adjustable height cart to match your extrusion line
  • Integrated control to match your product/line specifications
  • Two sizes to accomadate extrusions up to 4" in diameter